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Everything related with the computer, from prints and scans to CD and DVD customization.


  • Printings

    Where to print my work computer? Theses, Dissertations, Projects, Editors ... Digital writings of all kinds. Sarria Copy everything we print excellent quality.


  • Internet - File Upload

    To send your file (papers, designs, drawings, etc ...) you can do it in CONTACT section:

    - Select "File sending" as the subject.

    - Enter your e-mail address.

    - Attach your file (work, design, drawings, pictures or whatever you want).

    - Get an explanatory message if you consider appropriate.

    - Click on "Submit."


  • Print and duplicate CD / DVD

    We customize and duplicate your CD's or DVD's from 1 piece full color:


     • The CDrom is the most classic storage system extended in the market , the limit is usually about 700MB capacity. It has a diameter of 12 cm.

     • The DVD is the most versatile stand so refers to multimedia functions, between 4'7 Gb to 17 Gb capacity, and speed up to trasnmit large amounts of data in a short period of time. DVD means Digital Versatile Disc. Means this versatile stand allows you to apply and combine various multimedia functions.




    We can serve the completely finished product:

     • With box slim, simple, large or PVC jacket.

     • Printing inlay, cover or sheet.

     • Printing booklet for cases or boxes.





    Alternatively you can print your stickers Apli with opaque sleeves:









  • Printing Planes

      • PRINT from A4 to A0 +

      • Quality INKJET printing.
      • Folders have designs for the presentation of their plans.
      • Service folding and cutting planes.
      • Fast and efficient delivery.
      • Additions or reductions between 25% and 400%.
      • Supported files:. PLT - PDF - JPG - TIFF

      • SCANNER - Up to 1 m wide, up to 600 dpi, blueprints, drawings, photographs. . .



  • Scanning

    Scanning is the conversion of physical documents (paper) transforming them into digital format.

    Scan a document is more than making a simple scanner. The correct choice of device depends on the type of original (pictures, texts, documents) and the needs that are expected to cover the digital document generated are key aspects to consider when starting a scanning process .
    The purpose of scanning, the physical characteristics of the original , the desired color space , the appropriate resolution , file format generated , if necessary or not a treatment or digital medium which has to deliver information are aspects that directly affect a well planned scanning process.

    Save your documents in a computer for future reference or carry comfortably. In Sarria Copy , we will advise as needed. We can scan from small sizes up to one meter wide.