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Stamping shirts, advertising t-shirts, and advertising for textile merchandising, promotional gift. Polos,...



  • Stamping clothing

    Click here to see our catalog of clothes for printing and embroidery

    Technical textile heat transfer for light and dark garments, colored vinyl and vinyl printing with solvent inks + cut. Brands represented: Fruit of the Loom T, Silanta, Roly, Nath, B & C, Valens, Jerzees, Gildan, Hanes, Lotto, JHK, etc ...

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    * Dark shirts vinyl printing using solvent inks + cut



  • Clear Clothes (White)

    TRANSFER CLEAR: This type of transfer is printed in full color with high-strength inks, an ideal alternative to silkscreen.

    You can insert different types of tissue on either cotton, polyester or tights. Its duration and quality are unsurpassed. The designs often leave no silicone rectangle as traditional transfers.


  • Dark clothing (colors)

    TRANSFER DARK: This KIND of transfer is designed to for full color printing with inks high strength, idel alternative to silkscreen.

    You can insert different types of tissue on either cotton, polyester or tights. Its duration and quality are unsurpassed. Designs can leave a white box around the selected image.


  • Print Vinyl

    TRANSFER PRINT: It is a flexible material. The design is printed and cut on plotter and then fixed with iron industrial heat.

    It can be applied to both light and dark garments.
    The downside is that images can not be cut, too small letters or designs.It is highly resistant to washing and printed with solvent inks.


  • Vinyl Cutting

    ESTAMPA CUT: It is a very flexible material. The design is cut with a cutter and then set on the plate part with process heat.

    This printing system offers a complete range of holographic, reflective, cluor, metallic, etc. colors. It is ideal for drawings, phrases, names and numbers (bibs).
    The downside is that it can not be cut too small letters or designs.
    On the other hand has a high resistance and quality.


  • Hats

    It can be used with one of the above detailed printing systems. These are:

    Combine depending on the type of tissue.




    The printing is always applied on the front or side of the hat if it allows. Never in the visor.


  • Bibs and other

    We are currently improving this section of the website, if you have any questions about Bibs or sports identifiers, please call Sarria Copy: 93 204 67 47

    Thank you.



  • Mini-T

    We personalize the mini-t where decorative hanging like. Comes with hanger and suction cup.
    Perfect for birthday gifts, show your favorite soccer team, clubs, parties, stag ...


  • Cushions

    Custom Cushion 40x40 cm. With or without inner filling.

    • Print one or two sides.

    • Stamped on DinA-4 o DinA-3.

    • Fully washable. Always with cold water.


  • Clothing companies

    We have a great variedat parts for customization. Shirts, jackets, pants, vests, etc..

    Whether you dress your employees as promotional gifts, custom t-shirt is a big claim, is more visible and more valued by customers and employees.

    Shirts and overalls custom work can give your company an identity.